NCAA Clearinghouse Registration

The NCAA is an acronym I will be hearing a lot over the next few years. Incase your wondering what it means, it stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. The website is a must for any student-athlete wanting to play sports in a D1 or D2 college. Anything you need to know about eligibility rules and recruiting is on their website.

Registering online was very easy. Basically you’ll need your social security number along with a credit card to pay the $50 fee (There is also an option to pay by check). All the other information they ask for you should already know. It took about 20 minutes.

A few things to remember before you register:

    They’ll ask you for your graduation date, so knowing that in advance would be good.
    You will need an email address that cannot change. If you change your email address you‘ll have to re-register and don’t forget your password! If you lose your log-in info, you’ll have to fax something to them to get your ID and password.
    You’ll have to fill out a questionnaire determining your ‘amateur status’. They will ask you things like: Have you been paid to play? Do you have an agent? Stuff like that.

It is recommended that you sign up before your Junior year.

You can contact the NCAA Clearinghouse at 877-262-1492 or go to their website here.

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  1. Will the reason why i am contacting you is that i’m a international student and i have been trying to register on the ncaa clearinghouse so i could be eligible to play sport at a divison 2 university ,for i haven’t not idea how to start register .
    the website told me that i could email them and they would send all the information i may need to go about registering,so if you could get back to me as so as possible it would mean so much for this is the last thing that i need to complete my drive to school then register for fall semester

    Yours Truely
    Javed williams.

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